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Yana Bullang - STRONG WALK – A Rite of Passage 2015 (Yana Bullang in Yugamabeh Language means Go Strong)

Yana Bullang- STRONG WALK: The Rite of Passage Project is a therapeutic-arts based project delivered  on the foundation of ritual. It combined theatre, culture and Therapy elements with trauma informed practice to create a holistic approach to working in community. Thanks to the support of Arts Queensland this year, Creative Director Libby Harward was able to employ a creative team of artists to contribute and collaborate with the residents in the therapeutic community, Mirikai. Artists Meredith Elton, Alicia Jones, Nina-Rae Smith, Jason Haggerty, Jacinda West & Luther Cora each with their own life experience, cultural backgrounds & individualized arts training, each brought entirely unique learning to the Rite of Passage this year.